Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Role Model, Vivienne Westwood

My role model. The one & only Vivienne Westwood. Im speechless. The woman is brilliant, outrageous, stupendous, vivid and inspiring . The stuff she comes up with! its like i dreamt of doing half the stuff she does & she goes and does it. She only helps me push me and my designs and to not let myself be defined by the "fashion" definition of "fashion".

The shopping cart! The boys pushing each other! The plastic grocery bags! The foam! Getting away with the homeless look! The colors! The miss match! The music! The recycled ideas and garments! The hott models! The hot models falling- on purpose! The stunts! Coming out on a hospital bed!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Worke Le Mode

Ok so here is the update yall. In the fashion world this would be considered old news since fashion trends move so quickly but in MY real world, 2 weeks ago to 2 months ago is still relevant. And with that being said, i continue...
So, I got an internship at a showroom with Les Hommes via my partner in crime, Tea (pronounced: tey-a, not like the stuff we drink ;). Les Hommes (pronounced: les-oms) collections are designed for men which i thought was great because not only will i be surrounded by male models on the daily basis but I am really into men designer wear as well. The great part is that Tea has been with them for a couple of season before so she was able to train me and put me up on all the do's and dont's.

My first day was to work the fashion show during Men Fashion Week in Milan. The show was 5 minutes from my apartment which was great since the showroom in more like 45min from my place. That day, my job was to help organize the looks a.k.a. make sure those trousers go with that coat and those boots go with model #10 etc ect as well as dressing and undressing the models.
Of course I was excited. And it was official, not like the last Fashion Week were i had to sneak into the shows.
*i will now go back into time to show you that experience to later return to this story. dont worry its all relevant ;)
Last Fashion Week happened sometime in September when i had only been here for a month and was still homeless aka living in a hotel.
-ok im just going to copy&paste what i wrote about it on FB to save time and energy. And also i wrote that moments after it happened so you can better feel the excitement versus me writing about it now, ok-

Omg, i dont even know where to start.... so today i was determined to get in.... so me and Joicy got dolled up and headed to a Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show for fashion week in milan.... Unfortunately, we got there too late and missed the show so we were a bit bummed.... but low and behold, an opportunity pops up as a group of hairstylist admire my camera! Next thing you know we are walking in with them and ended up backstage!!!! OMG, i got to see and feel the whole collection in my freaking hands!!!! i saw the illustrations, held the garments and enjoyed a glass of champagne... The next show was Jo No Fui, and we were able to watch the whole thing go down. I met the designer, Alessia Giacobino and we saw the models get their hair and makeup as well as saw them get dressed, stick figures, high heels and titties, the whole thing.... the best part was seeing the work and having it in my own hands!!! Ok, so we cant have everything because my camera died and i was only able to document a little bit of it. Here is some of what i got! enjoy!

Pictures and illustrations of the collection

i love the illustrations sssooo much
Ferragamo Clutch, heavy enough to knock you out
I was really shocked to be there- with no questions asked.

It was so unbelievable to me. This is backstage with all the garments and illustrations.

After the Ferragamo show was the Jo No Fui show. Since we were already backstage we decided to stay. We walked around the venue and saw the whole show being set up. I didnt care that i was waiting around because i was willing to wait or this aka, a real fashion show in MILAN!

The sound tech kept playing the runway music over and over again to get it right i suppose. I mean he kept playing the first song over and over again, i liked it at first... by the end of the show i was loving it. I had no idea who the artist was though until a few weeks later somehow i found out. This was the song:

This collection i was really excited about. It was very rough with a very pirate meets biker theme that i was really into. A lot of pins, chains, leather and color such as black and nude.
(u can click on images to enlarge)

This jacket was bananas! The outside was made out of safety pins and it weight a ton! I felt kinda bad for the model because at first she looked like she could barely hold her own head in place, but when i saw her walking down the runway she impressed me because she actually appeared strong.
I got to meet the designer Alessia Giacobino

I got a bit of video from backstage with my lil 'ol camera phone because my canon had died. The sound is bad but dont worry, i'll show you the professional video right now.

We had great seats to watch the show also and they had these pins on every seat. And yes, i did feel kinda bad sneaking in and sitting down- like who am i right? but honestly that was meant to be. It was like swiss clockwork- perfect.

You can see in this video me and joicy got our 3 seconds of fame (0:13~0:16), LMAO, i think we are hilarious actually.

ok, i know im such a nerd for this stuff but i dont care. i'll share with you what took over me when the show started.

So i was already high on life just being at the show. I kept contemplating my life and career, after all i had some time to sit and wait for the show to start. I was even writing this down. How i dont want to have to always sneak into fashion shows and how i want to be officially invited or be working in the very near future. Something tells me that will happen. Honestly though, even though i get a bit embarrassed sometimes of the stunts i pull off, i think it adds excitement and humor to my life. I guess i'll have other events to sneak into instead like the opera or the Olympics... oooh the possibilities!

SO yea, i remember sitting down right before the show started, and i couldn't believe it. I mean i still couldn't believe I lived in Milan but to be at a fashion show during fashion week was incredible to me. I remember when they cut the lights and simultaneously turned the runway lights and the music on. My stomach had butterflies and when the first beat of the song dropped so did a feeling in my stomach. It felt like it feels when your on a roller coaster. I damn near cried. This song will forever remind me of this moment.

*ok now back to Men Fashion Week 2010

ok my first but not last Men Fashion Week Milano! this time i was working so no sneaking in.

This was the outside set up. The show was at an place where they used to cut wood. very industrial.

the runway
the make up artist from London

the collection/models/looks
i like how he was pretending to read, very chic actually
Bart, one of the designers adding few last touches
omg some of these models were babies, i felt like i was baby sitting sometimes when i would have to tell them, "take off your head phones...come here, dont go there, here let me put this shirt on you... dont move, just stand there..."

I was wishing they were more on the D&G model type category, maybe in a few years after they grown facial hair.

This is us giving the models a prep talk on how to walk out there, lol

The end of the show. Happy Ever after and sealed with a kiss...

Les Hommes getting interviewed by Fashion Insider TV

poppin bottles of the bubbly

and of course we have the after party. apparently the place to be: Punks Wears Prada:

Overall it was a great time. Met some new people, partied, danced, and enjoyed the night.
And i must say, i love fashion shows. They're always so exciting. Whether its your own little show or a big time designers show they are hard work love and dedication.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bridge - Do D.A.T. Ft Melina Jones

I love it when i see anyone of my friends do there thing but this i like not just because thats my homies but because it good. And seeing good 'ol Oakland streets puts a smile on my face. Oh how many times i've walked, ran, drove up and down those downtown Oakland streets.
Oh and i love how Melina Jones is rocking the glasses missing a leg. I remember when i did that people thought i was crazy. But shit, u gotta do whatchu gotta do, right.
Good music brought to you by good folks. Enjoy.

"The Bridge" Do D.A.T. ft. Melina Jones from FreshVibe Media ® on Vimeo.

How i dream

wow this is so how i dream. in cartoon. and me growing wings and flying.

Garuda from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Years Postcards

I been living out here in Milan for a while and havent sent anyone any "Milan Italy" postcards because there all kinda lame. I felt like i might as well make my own postcards and sent them. Of course that would be time consuming but i felt like that would have to be my xmas/new years gift to people back home. I did pick up some cards in France though just because they were written in French and i thought that was cool. Anyways, i didnt get to make a card for EVERYONE that i want to send one to. I know i will make more for others in the future, so don't trip potato chip.
I basically cut out a bunch of images from fashion magazines and made a collage out of them and also took my paint markers to draw on them. This was a total eco-friendly project. I used old flyers, brochures and things of that sort as a base for the collages.

this was the back of some

this was the inside of some of them
imma do some more later. so send me your address if you want one
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