Monday, June 28, 2010

Movement with Grow

So i met up with my good friend Rolando Brown who was visiting Italy from New York

He was meeting up with some folks down in Asissi, Italy.
I never been south of Florence so I decided to link with him and at the same time discover some new stomping grounds.

Asissi is a very popular town because of it religious history. I learned this when I got there.

I prayed to God a bunch because they would NOT let me into the museums,
i mean churches
because my shorts were TOO short and my top was sleeveless.

Of course innocent little me had no idea this would happen because
I have no religious background. Nevertheless, we roamed the little streets of the beautiful town.

This little bottle of greatness cost about 200 euros. yes you read right. 200 euros.
I stole it of course.

Rolando and I then decided to take a train down to Rome
where he decided to switch up his 'puerto rican caveman' look

to just, 'puerto rican'

we went to check out the coliseum

I was really impressed by the clothing details

we roamed around Rome and saw places I cant even pronounce

i think this was the Vatican or something I wouldn't know

made some new bboy friends

peeped some graffiti

and street art

caught a few slap tags

and mostly became really good friends (like more than we already were)
we shared a lot of time and space and it was pretty remarkable.
thanks Grow <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lykke Li

We, as in me and my girls, as in me,
Tea, Yulia and Cynthia went to an open bar event in Milan where Lykke Li was performing
so we got pampered up...

hopped in our cars (bikes) and drove to the event

went straight to the bar

and one would say that we perhaps 'drank a lot'

we defiantly danced a lot

and absolutely with out a doubt flirted a lot
got face hunted

but mostly we behaved like 'retards'

it was cute though, it was real cute
this some of the performance:

Monday, June 7, 2010

So this is how we started off the night...

and continued like this

looks like tons of fun, right?
but this was the point where things started taking a sudden turn,
(by turn i mean alcohol levels sky rocketed)

after this fiasco, I ended up throwing up and so my friends put me in a cab and I went home. When I got home I was still stumbling trying to get the door to my building unlocked. That's when someone grabbed me from behind! With all my inner strength (suppressed anger), I went buck wild/diabolical and managed to unloosen myself from this mans grip!
oh little did this man know I wasn't a regular girl but instead girl born and raised in the hood (so i basically know how to street fight). He was so shocked by my reaction that he decided to run away! I chased him down the block like a lunatic.

The next morning i realized i lost my custom made
NoNo bamboo 14k gold earring. This is why you always see me wearing only one now.
cray cray.
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