Thursday, March 18, 2010

Madrid tiene Sazon

Packing for a trip while being hungover is really difficult to say the least... yes this is how the story begins... and uhh pretty much ends.. but wait im getting ahead of myself here...

After doing many "weekend" trips back and forth from LA to SF for about 6 years has taught me useful skills on packing lightly and "correctly". i had exactly one hour to pack before i had to begin my journey. I packed a backpack leaving enough space for any purchase i may make on my trip, tossed it on my back and headed out the door. yes, i was only doing a carry on.

After catching what felt like a subway then a bus then a bike, then a mule, then a boat then a camel then a chariot then plane i arrived in Madrid.

regardless of the hangover, i was extremely excited. Ive never been to Madrid but have always dreamt of it and knew i would be coming sooner or later and also i get to be in a whole new city which is great because sometimes Milan feels like its
already too small.

So, after figuring out the subway system Tea and I headed out the door...

and walked right into, yes... Starbucks... yea yea yea, i know yall thinking "wtf" i know me too, i dont even do starbucks back in the states but damn that caramel macchiato hit the spot.
We walked around downtown and splurged for no goddamn reason just the fact that we were on some sorta "vacation".
We stayed at Claudia and Stefano's house where they live with a whole bunch of other people, its one of those houses where there is ALWAYS people and something going on.. kinda like a bar hahaha, there is always an opportunity for fun!

And fun is what we did have. Non stop, never ending fun. Sleep was non existent at this point but sunrises were...

honestly, i think we took more indoor picture of ourselves/each other masquerading around than we did outdoors of the city doing the tourist thing. ooopps...

Well be getting ready
then all of a sudden, bamm a pseudo photoshoot begins

The last night we were all there together we decided to get dressed up and do a photoshoot on the roof. At around 3am we all headed to the roof with a half empty bottle of grey goose and took like 12 pictures because it was soo f-ing cold...
(i dont have those pictures yet because the camera is m.i.a. =/
It was hilarious actually, we put in so much effort and took it so serious... bcus
WE WORK *snaps fingers*

We went out to some clubs..

arrived to these clubs at about 2/3am...

yea because Madrid doesnt sleep. the parties go on and on forever

i mean FOREVER. like you know how sometimes you get to a party and it feels like you just danced one song when the party is over!?
Well in Madrid its the opposite. It felt like, i walked to every single corner of the club, danced to 100 songs (and u know in Europe one song is like 15 minutes), had conversations with tons of people, went and came back from the ladies room 100 times, got pregnant, gave birth, raised a family, went to sleep, woke up, made breakfast, digested it, got married, got divorced and the party WAS STILL JUMPING!!!

After so much parting we also wanted to roam the streets which we did

We ate some AMAZING mexican food

On our "down" time we sat absorbing the sun at a plaza downtown drinking ICE COLD beer

feel asleep on tables "siesta"

Even played a little bit of chat roulette LMAO
There were a whole bunch of other "in between" stories that either i forgot or cant really mention
but i know Madrid is dope! i loved it and the people! Shout outs to Claudia, Stefano and Steven for making our experience that much more better.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Real Life Absolutely Fabulous

It was yet another evening at the school's cafeteria called NABAR. Here you can usually find Tea and I: over eating some dry ass pasta, drinking coffee and/or an alcoholic beverage, because yes you can have a bloody mary right before class.

So like usual were sitting there having an intellectual conversation, catching up on the latest news, since we have a pre paid/pay as you go phone out here it is impossible to have actual conversations on the phone, so sitting for coffee takes place instead.

So were talking about art, politics, music, travel, fashion week, pink nail polish, parties, our future, men, etc and watching Absolutely Fabulous all at the same time, sometimes even in the same sentence, when during this Ab Fab episode there is a scene where Eddy and Patsy are on an airplane destroying it via drinking tons of alcohol from the little bottles they give away on airplanes as there going to France.

I go on and say, "wow Tea, one day
we will be on a plane together drinking little bottles of wine, laughing out loud trying to join the mile high club and old ladies rolling their eyes at us..."
Then Tea replies... "well uh, im actually going to Madrid to visit a friend, i think she said its cool to bring someone...YOU SHOULD COME!"

"Madrid?" i ask myself... omg hell yea! so i quickly get online and search for flights! im not even kidding, 10 minutes later i had purchased a flight to Madrid!!!
I love doing things on the spontaneous tip... they always turn out more exciting, and you know me, i LIVE for excitement.

As soon as my purchase went through and I received my confirmation email...

...out of nowhere, like from the sky or something, traditional flamenco music began to play and i jumped on top of a table and danced a solo inspired by the one and only bad ass Carmen Amaya. It looked a lot like this:


And that's how, ladies and gentlemen, the story of Madrid begins....

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