Tuesday, July 20, 2010


you get the gist.

Tea and i accidentally started a pseudo online "tv" show one day.
It happened after realizing how we are constantly
recording our selves so we then thought,
"hey why not start a tv show".

So basically the show is about lifestyle, music, fashion and
whatever else happens in our everyday.

This is the pilot:

The Pilot from NoNo on Vimeo.

Then our second episode we took it to the streets via the nightlife
where we interviewed locals about a weekly party that takes place down the street from my place...

Tea&NoNotv - Brutto Posse from NoNo on Vimeo.

This very short episode was recorded on photobooth
so that's why the sound is so horrible. sorry.

A Day In The Life from NoNo on Vimeo.

and this last lil clip is just an extra treat for you

Tea Hates Milan from NoNo on Vimeo.

because yes, Milan can make you want to
kill yourself at times. its only good during Fashion Week. no lie.

We have a bunch more footage that needs to be edited and soon i will have the capacity to do that...
until then stay tuned.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Elllooooo i am back!
Thanks to all of you lovelies who are sticking with me
even tho it seems like ive abandoned you.
That my friends is a lie.
The last 2 months i have been pretty much:

1. Finishing my one year program in Milan via Fashion School.

2. Going to fashion shows.

3. Traveling.

4. Networking around the world via trying to come back to Europe next summer to work.

5. Moving out of my apartment in Milan via going back to the states.

6. Couch surfing at friends places,
which was cool back at 19yrs old but now its just cramping my style!!

7. Being a boarder-line hobo.
but good thing looking homeless is chic these days.

That is just some of the main stuff going on in my life right now,
all of which have their own story attached to them.
I will share with you the pictures,
videos and stories behind them very soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Berlin fashion Week

On my trip to Berlin, I met a girl who hooked me up with a gig for Berlin Fashion Week.
I was a model dresser for designer Frida Weyer
I thought it was cool that I got to experience Fashion Week in Berlin even if it was just a small part of it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Berlin & Back

Ran off to Berlin. Had a ticket for 2-3 days.
I changed it to a week after being there for only one day because I was having too much fun!

Bumped into friends, Vortex & Yarah Bravo that
i haven't seen in years from back in the states. small world, i know.

Bumped into Dead Prez in Berlin and they showed me mad love
Here is Dead Prez live at YAAM (young african artist market)

As well as made new friends ;)

At that point i was over eating Italian food. Soo i was mad happy when i ate some good 'ol Caribbean food.

Saw some new places... this is in Amsterdam actually

Slept on not in new cars...fancy

caught new tags
Then got put on the guestlist by Shay to go see his band N*E*R*D*

that was totally random. I was seriously at the right place,
at the right time, saying the right things.

then went back to Italy and took a trip down south to Pescara(working in my bathing suit calendar)gggeeaaah son.
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