Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wild Young Hearts

One of my bff's, Hector, is always finding new music and every once in a while says to me, "oh NoNo, i think you will like this..." he's usually on point.... this is how i first heard The Noisettes.
I played their
Wild Young Hearts album out this summer.
The singer, Shingai Shoniwa, of Zimbabwean decent, is not only a great performer she also is rockin' a great look. Shingai is one of the artist I would love to make clothes for and/or work with her as her stylist. I love the looks in the following video:

Anyways, they have a bunch of good songs. There single,
Dont Upset The Rhythm, I would consider their weakest song though. They used it for a commercial and like many artist need to eat so sometimes shitty singles are made for the commercial kids i guess.
OK, so im new, a.k.a. bad, at this sharing music thing and i dont know how to share in bulk. So i'll just list the songs and you can click on them individually to download them if you'd like.
Wild Young Hearts
24 Hours
Every Now & Then
Beat Of My Heart
Never Forget You
So Complicated
Saturday Night
Don't Give Up
P.S. yea i feel a bit guilty sharing other peoples music sometimes but now a days most artist make money from their shows anyways and i love live music so i support artist by going to their shows....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yo Momma Records Presents:

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this is a very serious post here. Ha!
Me, I listen to many genres of music. That’s just how my life is. I’ve lived in different communities throughout my life where I’ve been exposed to many types music and lifestyles. I remember at the beginning, aka when I was younger I used to be biased. If I only liked one type of music I didn’t like the rest, like I had this idea in my head that said that was impossible.I feel lucky to be up on all types of music though. Makes me uhhhh…,what is it?… “well-rounded” as they say….Anyhow… I like making playlist that have a theme. For example I have a RAIN MIX, which is a playlist of songs that have the word RAIN in them. I play this when its… yes you guessed it… raining!I pretend im a dj or producer and make myself mix tapes sometimes I make copies and give them away…

So now with great things such as the internet, I can continue to make mixes (there not actually mixed though there really just a playlist but ill call them mixes for short) and share them with you!
Also, FYI, like I mentioned before, most likely (but not always) the songs wont all be the same genre because im basing the mixes on what the songs are about/how they make me feel… and uh yea, I could do that because its my freaking blog! Ha!
Ok, the first mix I will share is one that ive been listening to lately. I call it the
I Really Wanna Fly Mix. This mix was inspired by this energetic feeling I get every once in a while when im just out and about & I want to just fly- no, I want to soar! Its weird, I don’t know, I hope I make sense. For example, I’ll start thinking about my goals and dreams and how much power I have to make them real. And how I’ve made past dreams come true already. It’s a feeling of faith/security/trust. It’s a feeling that makes me feel like im flying, like im in a movie and there is a bunch of struggle yet it has a happy ending. haha, I crack myself up with this shit, but im dead serious.
The following songs are like my theme music to this. Because of either the lyrics or the beat.
Yo Momma Records Presents: I Really Wanna Fly Mix
1. Humble Mumble – Outkast
2. Are You Ready? – Aloe Blacc
3. Complex Simplicity – Teedra Moses
4. Happening – Quantic
5. Departure – Quantic
6. Good Morning (nick james remix) – Talib Kweli
7. Black Maybe – Common (ft Bilal)
8. Culture Instrumental – (2006 Nick James Remix)
Ok, real quick...
The Outkast song and the Teedra Moses totally remind me of driving in my car in the summer feelin' fly and high on life. The Aloe Blacc song has a dope beat, it pumps me up and makes me feel like im about to meet a fly guy who is gonna sweep me off my feet (lol). The song Happening by Quantic makes me feel like im running down the shore of a beach in the hot summer heat with my loved ones. Departure makes me feel like im catching a flight about to depart to the beach i just mentioned. Good Morning is a dope song but this remix by Nick James makes it much more sweet. I was listening to this one time when i was boarding a plane. It really had me thinking. Thinking about my life and all the things i want, how much i already have and being thankful. Black Maybe, has a dope beat but also spits about the obstacles and oppositions we face from our own people or our own minds yet we over come it. Culture Instrumental is a nice jazzy beat that gave me this feeling i cant even describe when I first heard it. My favorite is how the keys sound, something about it really inspires me.
I hope u enjoy it.
The following message is for anyone who's song may be on this list (because yea, common and talib kweli and andre 3000 read my blog!) hehehe:
please let me know if you dont want it to be downloaded i can remove it. I apologize in advance. If not, thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maluca- El Tigeraso

It seems that i usually love what ever Diplo touches and so this is the case yet again...
I love it when people dont take themselves TOO seriously and instead are free and have fun! ha, i just now (yesterday) heard of this Dominican chick named Maluca from NY. Im diggin' the stylin' in her video : El Tigeraso. Its very colorful both the wardrobe and the song itself. Its like a mix of merengue and acid house. The lyrics are pretty funny too, there about the fellas who try to talk to a girl by saying all the wrong things and being annoying.... basically a cat who is feeling himself too much and thinks he can "sweet" talk you into giving them your number.
And in terms of stylin' i love the following:
1. the leather jacket with flowers- (in theory it sounds bad but in practice it looks good)
2. the leggings with fringe on the back, taking the 1950's stalkings with back seams to the next level

3. Her girlfriends get up is also cute, classy vintage with a twist of urban youth flavor, well actually just the fact that she is either black or afro latin gives it that twist automatically, plus her hair is on point:

4. and of course i always loved the soda cans as hair roller idea from when i saw it first on Naomi Campbell photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth.

So yea, here is the video where you can see and hear what im talking about...

Super Brieft Video Update

Yes, so i figure it would probably more efficient for me to video blog sometimes... haha
You know it's funny because these lil home made videos Ive been making are never planned. They usually happen because i like the lighting coming into my room so i want to take pics or record it. Then they turn out to be some ol' elaborate thing / home made music video bcus im always listening to music so its natural for me to incorporate music...Also later, like in a few years, i can go back and be like, "oh shit i remember this"... anyways i don't usually post the videos because they're too personal or too ridiculous...
But today i decided to post this lil video about my whereabouts...
im using my photobooth for these vids right now (fyi) so the quality is pretty bootsy...

Update 1of 7million from NoNo on Vimeo.

p.s i added another video of these typical :homemade music" videos i've been making. please enjoy...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dj Cndo- Hey You

This african lady dj named: DJ CNDO has this track called "Hey You" on her album Finest Lady Of House Vol. 1 and this is one of my favorite songs right now...listening to it makes me feel like im flying over the ocean or something like that. I think its a love song but i dont really know the words because there in another language...
hope u like it as much as i do.
click here to download it

Friday, December 11, 2009

La Matanza

La Matanza, literally translates to = The Killing... this basically means a big feast where an animal is killed then ate and cooked in many many different ways, at least in this case. It felt like i was at a wedding or somebody's family reunion... lots of folks and lots of food.
Sooo, they killed a pig then took a piece of it to a specialist who lets them know its all good to eat it which sounds like a good idea cus i heard pig meat can really fu*k people up if its not right...
And here i am, lil ol non-red meat eater me, being an outcast looking like im hella picky... but its like yo, i havent ate red meat in about 6 years and it feels good!
They were nice and cooked some sea food on the side for me =)
But im not gonna front on you... i had a conversation with myself....
self 2 self:
"damn girl, you know u in Europe where the main food is pork and you knew this before coming. remember you even told yourself you would try it again just to try it and not feel bad about it?"

self 2 self:
"yea, i did say that..."

self 2 self:
"well its not like i dont eat red meat for religious or political reasons, its simply a health choice ive made.... hmmm.... well if im going to ever try pork again it might as well be here where i know where its coming from. Besides that, im in Spain and you know they're gonna make some slammin' dishes..."

self 2 self:
"but what about the stomach ache after because your body is not used to digesting this anymore!?"

self 2 self:
"damn.... thats true. well i'll just have a small bite then pick it out to eat the rest..."

and thats what i did ladies and gentlemen... i ate a piece of pork! i couldn't even believe it. i dont regret it. it tasted good even for a non pork eating person (i cant even say that anymore). The texture drove me crazy though so I didnt have too much. I dont know if i will start eating it again, doubt it. But I HAD to try it.
Anyhow... i HAD to take pics of course... here are some, i had to pick these out of like 400....

haha, ryding
haha, we were feeling ourselves obiously
Jorge killin' it on the Cajon!
The Mamma busting out with the flamenco!!! Yo this was such an experience. All of a sudden someone started playing the cajon and they started singing typical flamenco songs and dancing. They had a cypher going on and everything....

food food more foodPracticing my flamenco moves!!! heheh

Of course... they wanted us to dance in the "cypher" and u know we HAD to!!!
LA NEGRITA rummmm... i wish i could bring this back with me and take some back to my madrina Carol
Las Cubatas (the drank)
Comedy Central all daaay
It got cold outside but the party didnt stop so they brought it inside
In there somewhere was this man that i think is tryna get his son to marry a latina girl, haha. He kept talking about how much he loves our culture and language, and i was like yea uhhh, your ancestor colonized my ancestors remember? anyways, he said his son goes to San Francisco a lot and i was like yea yea uh huh- can i get some wine please? Next thing you know he hands me his phone so i can talk to his son, who is a pilot btw! haha... i thougth it was so random and then he kept taking photos when i wasnt looking, then i got unconfortable.... haha...
flamenco rock-

ok i forgot the name of this but lemme just say, this ish was ridiculously deliciousssss
did i mention more food?
red spanish wine
our last nite
yo girl.... f a d e d

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cant Decide on My New 'Do!?

Im really appreciating this new growth of mine. Its inevitable. It molds me. It gives me character. No, right now im not talking about my growth as a lady in this world. Today im talking about my hair....

Ive had trouble finding my one hair stylist. I wish i could cut my own hair because hair stylist could never understand what im tryna do, most likely bcus they've never done some shit out my imagination.... anyways...

One time i got lucky at Magic in Vegas. Barracuda Hair was giving away free haircuts and of course the wait list was dummy long (2hour wait).

So like we all know a lil charm goes a long way and the fact that i wanted a wild hair cut made the hair stylist, Jefferson, let me be next. yay!

Something told me to trust this guy with my hair. So just told him i wanted a shaved side and he could do whatever with the rest. And very excited he snipped away and he used scissors the whole time never used a razor which usually shows skills.
My shit was looking crazy! I loved it. Everytime i passed my reflection i would be like damn i got this free + phat tip hair cut!!!
The close up:
Thank you barracuda hair and jefferson for the love...
ok that was then and in Vegas so after that i had to look for a new hairstylist.

After so much searching- yes people this shit aint easy.
I found the lovely Leslie Chin at Elevations Salon in san francisco.
Super sweet and talented lady
After my first hair cut she became my official hair stylist!
I wish she was here to hook me up but she's not. Im very tempted to cut my own hair but damn im a wuss. I could barely comb my own hair if i try to cut it... most likely a disaster....
So i found this pic today and i really like this steeze. I really want bangs again but i also want a asymmetrical haircut with a bob on one side and very short on the other.... hhmmm.... i dont know if that can even happen, well i know Leslie would be able to do it. But imagine me tryna explain that shit in Italian!!! Catzo!!!
Anyways, so this is the hair cut, wont be blonde of course.
Hopefully i'll get it did this weekend.
What do you's think?
After it grows in a little i keep letting the top grown to have me a lil pseudo hawk- yea im not punk rock enuff to have a real one... lol

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