Sunday, November 29, 2009

La Mission

I remember about a year ago hanging out on 22nd and Bryant street over in the San Francisco Mission district and seeing all these super sweet low rider cars and a bunch of lights and cameras down the street. Obviously a movie production was taking place. Then Mayra Ramirez walked in the house and confirmed it when she told us about her 2 minutes of fame. She had herself a mini role in the film as a fly homegirl who cusses some dirty guys out as they try to hit on her.

The film im talking about is: La Mission.... check the video interview for an inside scoop.

I like how the director and writer, Peter Bratt talks about "LOve" and how we always sound apologetic when we talk about love and even call it corny. I was like, "damn thats true, i do that too" (actually i even say it on my little blog bio) =/


That made me feel like damn why do we always need peer aproval to be ok with how we feel. Why cant i just feel the way I feel and not be apologetic. As if being hard and tuff makes you cooler. As if, not expressing your true feelings makes you safer. Maybe it does? I mean it probably does protect us from getting hurt. I've been there done that though, i've kept my true feeling inside instead of expressing myself and lost more than i gained.

Well i'll see how this will help me transform the way i communicate when it comes to love. And i dont mean that love between a boy and girl love (only) but the love to just love. The love for passion, family, community, music, etc.
sorry if i keep sounding made corny with this lovey dove talk (SEE!! apologizing!) haha, no but i dont always talk like this so its a big deal for me to be on this tip.
until next time...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ThanksTaking Gets Complicated

Yea its turkey day today but its like any 'ol day for me since i live in Europe and that shit dont exist here. Im pretty much thankful everyday anyways, haha. Today is one of those days though where things can get complicated.

Yes, we get a day off at school and work

we get to eat and be thankful

watch re-runs on TV
like the beyonce thankgiving special ;) lol

or some thanksgiving cartoons
and things of this sort (*note, this only applies if your in america, of course).

I say things can get complicated because damn... genocide is some shit.
The "Indians" or better known as the indigenous people of america got jacked, raped and killed.

Of course,
they dont teach us that in school because they're, as in the institutionalised education system in america, teaching us how to be on some 'ol patriotic shit. The real truth is never taught, just that happily ever after ish.

Damn pilgrims with there rifles, bibles, and disease

came to "discover" some land that was full of life and natives.
& so like i said, it gets complicated.

There is a buncha US political skeletons in the closet and today is one of those complicated holidays when you may want to stomp on some sukka ass pilgrim...
wow, im cursing like a pirate now... so angry and.... stuff....

and im also digressing...
ok, back to the point in 5...4...3...2....*

Ok, so what im saying is that it gets complicated because it does feel good to celebrate and eat. It feels good to spend family time and eat some greens, cranberry, macaroni, turkey, smashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and drink some martinellis...mmm mmm goodnesss...

But then its like we are celebrating some real grimmy american shit...
nonetheless, today will always remain a complicated holiday for me...
But it is a great excuse to hang out with loved ones and over eat.
so just for the sake of a happy ending....
I say, hooray for good food, friends and family!
The history is in the past but that shit needs to be known.
dont be ignorant and be thankful not just today...

wow , what am i? a preacher

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tim Burton = AMAZING

Yes, this is ultimate inspiration. Tim Burton is fuck'n ill... I appreciate how he just does what he does and doesn't accept rejection. He is truly amazing and his work is ridiculously fascinating.
Imagination never wasted.
Watch this video to get a inside scoop into his thoughts!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Stroll

So i hit the Colorifico, name of art stores in Italian, down the street from my school to buy some Carta Spolvera, a typa paper to draw.
I walked in and i always love how neat and organized colors are separated creating a warm feeling in my tummy.

the candy and gum at the
tabacci shops are so colorful and neat. i didnt mind the owner looking at me like ,"whats so fancy about that...?"
continued on my stroll...
saw many little moments take place as i was just a passerby who secretly enjoyed other peoples everyday...

This reminded me of the movie: Ratatouille:

continued on my strolled and passed up a door with graff- mmm reminds me of home
continued on my stroll....
peeked into a bookstore...
took a flick of one of the illest musicians sir John Coltrane (well not him but a book about him ;))
This is the sweetest smelling bakery and so warm looking it makes me want to just fall asleep

thought of buying some but then said naaaaa

continued on my stroll....

then ran into Gary Coleman, did see him at first then his face just popped out at me and he was talking something about different strokes... i dont know i had to go....continued on my stroll....
finally caught up with super star : Tea Hacic-Vlahovic and friend Fabio Esse...
we talked about sex, drugs and rock and roll
the weather
love and heartbreak

After all the muchy talk Fabio proceeded to writing a song...
I thought it was sooo sweet and reminded me to
not allow myself to get jaded
in this love business....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lets Play "Catch Up"

Soooo, I did the same thing I did 6 years ago when I finally turned 18 and left LosAngeles and went north to San Francisco.....
I packed my bags and left not only to a new city but to a whole new continent where i didn't know ANYONE!!! This time though, it wasn't a 1 hour flight away. Now i live in Milan Italy which is 9 hours ahead the place a call home (time zone not distance). So when its 9am here, its midnight in California.

How? & why? you may be wondering... well Im doing an exchange program with my SFSU (my university in Cali). But honestly, i dont even know why. I guess i have A.D.D. but its for living in a place too long. No, i needed a change of scenery (but the bay IS still one of the most beautiful places) or most of all a new way to approach and study fashion design. I am at an art academy taking fashion courses in Italian which is also challenging but fascinating all at the same time.

Im here for one year with one of best friends Joicy Serrano who is studying graphic design and she is the best person to be here with because she is mad strong, determined and we understand each other. We are both Los Angeles natives with roots in El Salvador who are going for the gusto.

So yea, it wasn't easy, we had to take 2 years of Italian Language and we had the meanest lil Italian man teacher who i think didnt like us because well, i dont really know he was just uufff (its a long story). So whatever, we still did what we had to do: jumped into a green tube to end up in a whole 'nother world, spit flames at anything holding us back, ate mushrooms to stay alive, collected feathers to fly and got mad points from it! There was nothing stopping us from saving the princess!!! oh wait, that's another story!.... but u get my drift....

Anyhow... we didnt even tell anyone becasue we didnt want to jinx it or what if we didnt end up going!? We would of just been a buncha talk and nah, we weren't going out like that... But when the reality of us really going got closer and closer, it was like fire. Nothing could get in the way... even when it hurt sooo much to leave my loved ones...
We even had a going away party/fundraiser at my house before we left. It was a great success with the help of my friends volunteering as bartenders, DJs, door ladys, etc. A lot of people came and i got to say good bye at the same time while making $$$ for my trip. It was also a collaboration with Wonway for his 30th fun fun

Even though it sucks to leave my friends and fam for a year i feel good because i got so many people back home sending me much love and support and i know when i go back they will mostly all still be there and if not, when you really want someone in your life, you TRY! But yea, its a sacrifice that im willing to make. I left a piece of my heart back there too which made it soo fucking hard to be out here the first 3 months. But the universe does the things it does and i accept and instead of getting jaded or getting mad for not being ready to be in a serious relationship at this point in my life, i just send this person my unconditional amore in hopes of someday getting that in return. Unconditional Love.
Thats another story.

Moving on... it was hard when we first got here to find a place to live. We finally got a cute lil apartment 15 min walk from school just for me and Joicy. It has two balconies and i get my own room!!! If your wondering why im so excited about having my own room, its because almost everyone shares a room. Its not even about money, that's just how people do. I want to do a photoshoot in the apt so when i do i will post them for you to see.

And now here I am, 2 1/2 months after arriving, adapting to a new culture and most of all, lifestyle. Its been quite the experience and i appreciate it all, even the rough parts. I can be here complaining about a bunch of things (because naturally, we resist to change sometimes), which happens most likely because we are scared. But i rather be here complaining than in the states complaining. There im less likely to encounter an opportunity so intense like this one, that forces me to look and listen to myself before and during my actions and reactions. And as open minded as i may be, there is still those little piece that needs work to be completely free. But self reflection is inevitable these days in my life.

And everyday gets a little better and better. Everyday I learn something new about the language, my studies, myself and the world. So, honestly, i love this!!! Sometimes I wonder must i really go back?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to My Ranting....

Fisrt off, i want say that im new to this digital writing thing. Im not new to writing just never actually put it out for the world to read and judge of course-whatever- anyways.
Often im being sarcastic- hopefully you catch the times im joking instead of thinking im completely insane...
I still have to figure out the whole html jump off because its not like cutting out pictures and gluing them to a book and painting and writing all over the pages, which is what im used to doing. When I get back to the States i will scan some of my books to share with you
and hopefully i will soon be up to date with this digital world!!!

Tim Burton @ MoMa NYC

OMG, i wish i could go to this!!!! I love his work, yet who doesn't????


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