Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NoNo at SXSW 2012

So I was determined to go to SXSW 2012.
I decided to drive 860 miles from Nashville TN to Austin TX.
Yes, and by myself.

I honestly cant begin to describe the amazing experience I had at SXSW.
I was defiantly blessed. I stayed in some of the most luxurious places.

I didn't capture everything but I did
a daily recap for the 6 days I was there.
I hope you guys enjoy looking through my eyes for that week.
All images/videos captured with my mobile device.

Day 1:
Me, being delusional via driving from 6am to 7pm across country
finding ways to entertain myself and stay awake.
Finally getting there and making new friends etc.

Day 2:
You can see the streets in the daytime as I wondered
from venue to venue.
This video contains
performances by:
The Drums, Santigold, & Theophilus London,

mobbin around in petty cabs with the Browntourage
and eating french fries for dinner.
I also met Dee from Deeandricky which was so fab <3

Day 3:
I attended the Psych Fest which was pretty rad.
Saw so much good music I never even knew of.
They had 3 stages and If I went to the girls room I could potentially 'discover' a new band while standing in line!
For example that band at 0:51, I was passing by and just fell in love with their
interesting movie soundtrack type sound....
This video contains
performances by:
Purling Hiss, Mikal Cronin, The Growlers, THEE Satisfaction, & Hottub.

Day 4:
Was one of the best days of all. I had VIP passes for the Spin Shed.
I got to see Santigold again and closer. Her dancers are so bad ass!!!
I also met Das Racist who pretty much stole my heart!
This video contains performances by:
Best Coast, Santigold, Big K.R.I.T., Das Racist & Main Attrakionz.

Day 5:
This day was pretty epic too because I met so many dope people.
Many who were only my internet friends... til then.
I spent most of my day at the Thrasher showcase.
I didn't record so much this day I was doing that whole 'living in the moment' thing.
This video contains performances by:
Theophilus London & Solange Knowles.

Day 6:
Last day at SXSW I kept it low key and chilled at
the 5th Annual The Park Poolhouse BBQ Jam!!!
They had The Park and Electric Wire Hustle jamming and an open mic.
Saw a bunch of my loving friends from the bay
which made it the best way to end my trip!

There are also some pics from sxsw I took out on my tumblr:

check it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NoNo on Refinery 29

I love because they are always on the move
in the streets capturing so much good street style!
They were out at SXSW and caught me outside the Spin Magazine shed.
click here or on picture to see the rest of the street style at SXSW 2012

wearing: American Apparel mesh top, Rayban glasses, NoNo made skirt, vintage leather boots, and vintage and hand made accessories.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Business Cards

I've been thinking of getting my own business cards done since I keep going to new
cities and meeting new people.
I asked a couple of really talented graphic designers to help me out.
Seeing that these talented individuals are pretty busy and getting to my lil ol' business card might not be their priority,
i decided to quickly make my own to use while I wait for my 'real cards'.
I wonder what reactions I will get from people when I hand them my card?
I wonder if people will take me serious?
I wonder If I can get sued for using images from magazines?
I wonder If I can call this 'found art'?
I wonder how much I'm 'saving the planet' by making these cards?
I wonder who is going to call me?

what do yall think?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

On The Streets.....Nashville

Spotted on the streets aka The Zombie Shop
in Nashville, TN

This Uuumazing Malcolm X leather letterman jacket!
I would do anything to have a jacket like this in my size!!!

This gentleman also wore some vintage ostrich boots from Local Honey with
this look which adds that undeniable southern touch.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

On The Streets..... Nashville

Spotted on the streets: this Los Angeles throwback Lakers jacket!
Being that I am from LA running the Nashville streets,
I HAD to capture this look.
Anyone wearing Cali paraphernalia out here is getting
approached (harassed) by me with love.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Omg yall (whoever follows this blog) im sorry for abandoning you.
I started this blog when i moved to Europe to document my adventures and since i been back my grammar has hit rock bottom and i've only done a few post since.
not that i dont have anymore adventures, its just that tumblr came along and ruined it for me.
so instead of writing and posting pics i just get to post pics and blah blah blah...
the point is that i decided to come back this time with a new name!


why? because i need to stick with one or two names you will associate me with.
again, this blog will just be a bunch of what i think.
and basically 'the real me'
im not a blogger tho, i just take pictures a lot.
im also not a writer im just on my computer a lot.

i hope this works out for me

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Am The Sky

It never fails that every time someone rides in my car
they always ask about the current mix I have on rotation.
This often times leads to me making them a copy of said mix.
i know how to do basic dj mixing, um 'stuff', on serato or whatever
but i dare not make an actual mix. I
can however make a bunch of
playlist mixes such as the following one.
I called this 'mix' (playlist),


If you click on the following image you can download it for free!
This is a list of tracks:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Going Grey

So i decided to go grey/silver.

my inspiration for this was:

1. senior citizens

2. Storm from x-men

and of course

3. George Clooney

i got LuIsa 'DaHair Goddess' to do it and she did an amazing job

Monday, June 6, 2011

Senior Collection

I called my senior collection: Femme Fatale
and my muse was the one and only Tea Hacic-Vlahovic when she was doing the all black everything look

also, all around bad bitches
the runway song was this:

these are some of the pictures

you can CLICK HERE to see the official look book shot by Josh Farria.

I got featured in the school paper:

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Breezy Adventures

"I dont start gangs! Gangs start themselves!" - me.

shit happens naturally, feel me?

so last night the brezzys got together

we joined our girls Hottub at a show in downtown SF,
yay MORE brezzyness!
they killed the show of course ...
like usual...

man seriously i love hanging out with these girls. Their energy is so electrifying
i ALWAYS dance it off and there's tons of jiratin' that takes place.

dig it yall...
even Bambi knows wassup


FRUITCAKE the name says it all!
This is a monthly party full of the funnest, most expressive, don't care what YOU think people in town!
So yes, after my girl Tragik invited me and after i saw this video i was sold.

FRUITCAKE! 3rd Saturdays @ The Stud Bar, SF from Nolita Selector on Vimeo.

Truthfully, i love going to gay clubs because they are the most funnest and the most free.
Dont nobody care about being judged and instead free themselves and dance it off!

This is the video they made from the night i went.
"one big room full of bad bitches"
talk about not 'giving a fuck'

FRUITCAKE! 3rd Saturdays @ The Stud Bar, SF from Nolita Selector on Vimeo.

PS. i dont do drugs. im just free. ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


The thing i love about 60's rock n roll, especially the girl groups,
is that they always talked about love and made it seem sooo cute and sweet.
I like listening to it because they make crushing hard on a guy sound soo fun and
playful when in reality it can sometimes be complicated and frustrating.
So yea, im thankful for girl groups like The Exciters, The Ronettes, & The Chiffons.

I Love this song. Brenda Reid's voice is sooo ruff and tuff i love how it sounds.
There is something about the way they parade around in their white gloves and tutu's
that makes me want to do a choreography that consist of mostly hand gestures, smiles and winks. ;)

This song is the story of my life, right now.
This song/video makes me want to wear a wig and
wear my eyeliner looooong like Cleopatra..

and this one is for that fine boy over there....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mad Science

Once upon a time in a galaxy right down the street there lived a woman scientist....
This woman scientist was well known for her cockcocktions....
but one day she went MAAADDD from falling in love with boys who who were closeted.
Heartbroken and lonely she locked herself up in her laboratory....

...At first she did it because she liked the outfit....
the goggles, the lab coat & the gloves but when she came out she was a killing machine! Killing all the lil gay fairies...


Then one day she found a fairy prince who lived up high in a white castle.

But the prince, he wasn't alone. He was being guarded by his
Super Shero friend who wore a cape and a hat.

...little did they know the maaaad scientist had a plan...
...a plan of DOOM!!!

..bitches didn't know... but ooh did they find out....

& this is how the story ends....

ATTN: no fairy princes, super sheroes or mad scientist were harmed in the making of this video. thank you ;)

Halloween X Day of the Dead

gggrrrrr... yea its that time again when everybody dresses up in costumes and gets wasted. woopie!!... NOT. i actually have only ever celebrated Halloween like 3 time in my life. I've always been too busy with school via writing papers (nerd shit) or perhaps just jaded from childhood or sometimes it can just be a bit over rated. annoying drunk people in the street.... but this year i decided to be part of the annoying people. not really tho bcus i didnt even 'really' drink. i only really went out bcus of my homegirls HOTTUB who had a show....
i just dressed up like a slutty pin up with blood drippin out of my grill and nose... not soo creative but like i said it was last minute

The next day tho, my girl Rox C Brown invited me to a party so i just went as myself...
i swooped up RoxC and we immediately started raging... we then looked at each other with our mouths open and both said "AB FAB" like crazies.... bcus both our outfits made no sense unless we were together... we then decided that NEXT year (highly doubt it) we will really do Eddie and Patsy of AbFab
but for now it still worked via not having any place we went to 'count' as a place to show off our costumes.
at the end of the night we came back to my place and just kept going a lil bit. this is the results of our "keeping it going" situation...

Later that week was Dia De Los Mueros aka Day of the Dead. This is the time our ancestors celebrated the dead. It wasn't until colonizers came into our land back in the days that the concept of death became a negative one. Mayans & Aztecs, to name a couple, believe that death is life life is death...its nature. its ok.

and even though i thought id be bent from watching all the blanquitos paint their faces with no clue of whats really going on, i went on a stroll around town and bumped into some of my friends and saw some pretty bad ass costumes...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forever Young

hey have you seen this cool lil short video Lady Tragik did?
well here it is! eat your hearts out ;)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yo Momma's Back

thats right yall, in case u didnt already know (bcus im pretending to still be living in Europe via posting on my blog like what i posted JUST happened...truth be told... i been back for 3 months) yo momma NONO is back!

So yea of course i had to make my pit stops b4 heading to the bay. so i went to NYC.... ran into my rocksteady crew homies and zulus.

Then ran into my other peeps from a round the way

And like always in NYC, watch the sunrise almost every morning

Of course HAD to have some Cuchifrito before i left

then after blowing that joint flew back to Cali Cali

Los Angeles to be exact where i rode around town...

got my nails did in the only place that gets down how i like in South Central

Partied at the W hotel rooftop with Han Cholo X Karmaloop

Finally met the guy of my dreams at the Do-Over

and lounged with my baller friends

goodtimes with Nono.

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