Saturday, February 27, 2010


Carnival yall! Yea you know i love me some carnival and have been part of it for the past 4 years in San Francisco via dancing/performing, photographing or just showing up to be an spectator/i'll start sambaing or breaking in a second if i get the chance for or with groups such as Loco Bloco who do amazing community work.

Anyhow, so as you may or may not know, Carnival originates from the Brazil but is also celebrated all over the world, including Italy. So i had to check it out.

SO a group of us hopped on a train and headed 3 hours towards Venice. And let me just say that Venice is as beautiful as it looks like on t.v. no lie.

The Italians dont play when it comes to the costumes though . These are a few of what i got.
You know the only thing though was that the whole thing was lacking one MAIN and crucial element. MUSIC!!!! wtf! i almost didnt have fun because to me the whole point of Carnival (and to my life in general, ha) is to dance!!! I saw no drums! no shakers! no nada! I just didnt get it. I guess im just used to doing it how people of color do it... im used to seeing hot girls and men half naked wearing beads and feathers shaking it like a salt-shaker.

Im used to people playing the fuck out of some drums!
Im used to people dancing in the middle of the street!
ohhh i was hurting! But then i had to be like, "duh Nono this how the white people do it" (no offence but its true) but if you hang out with me then i know you have spunk so dont worry friends... its cool yall... i got over it after a few sips of some Ginebra someone brought from Spain

Yea i was happy i went and had that experience in Venice, before it sinks and all. You know me, im going to have fun no matter what. And i did. Mostly running around doing crazy things Europeans like to do, like dance in a circle doing call and response something uhh i dont even know/care.
Then these giant spiders came out and ate everyone. I survived of course via me being a ninja/spider woman.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

EVERYday is Valentines... okaaaaaay!

yes we can talk all the shit we want about today because we are bitterly single or we can embrace our past/current relationships/love affairs in hopes of finding absolute joy mostly brought to us by our own selves. this is my suggestion and personal goal. im creating my own joy, in my own way via not depending on another person to fulfill me and my needs/desires - except those times when you need another person to carry out certain intimate tasks and ... ok lemme stop before i get too detailed..but you know what i mean...
Also, for now im single and pretty much ready to mingle, so if your interested you can call me at +39 327-84......... oh my bad... see, already im digressing....g'sus...

I just want to say this: If your in a relationship right now i hope your happy and giving and receiving all that you want and deserve and being true to yourself and whoever the lucky person is. If your single, i hope your using that status to its fullest and safest potential. If your ish is complicated i dont know, uuhhhh, what can i say, just follow your heart and hopefully you guys aren't fronting too hard on each other to make something work. I know deep down inside everyone just wants to be loved but too many people are scared and therefore vicious cycles like this are sometimes created.

Ok that will be $20 bucks for that real -better than Dr.Phil- advice. We can talk about payment options later. thanks.

So, there are about 4
, more or less, possible emotional situations one may be in from being in/out of a relationship/love affair. Knowing how much music influences our thoughts, i went ahead and created small playlists to enhance your feelings. Each playlist consists of themed songs based on the possible emotional situations. Please download them, you might find something you like or that suites your current emotional state. Of course i didn't put ALL the songs i wanted to, i had to choose and decide and so these where the winners....

The first one is: 1. Love.

This is for the lovers out there who may be in love/lust, whatever, sprung/attached/ truly in LOVE, etc.from being in a strong, healthy and functioning relationship. So for the love birds we have the following songs:
1. Kiss -Dj Smash Remix (Prince Cover)
2. Rock With You -Eric Robinson
3. The One For Me -Rahsaan Patterson
4. Sexual Healing (Nick James Remix) - Marvin Gaye
5. The Make Up -Cody Chesnutt
6. Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton
7. Cocoon -Björk
8. Love Song #1 -Me'shell Ndegéocello
9. Dont Look Back -Télépopmusik
10. Sabor A Mi -Lila Downs
11. Rosebuds - Sa-Ra
12. Little Bit -Lykke Li
13. No Greater Love -Blu & Exile
14. Girlfriend -Jay Electronica
15. Aint Nothing Like You -Blakroc (ft. Jim Jones & Mosdef)

Ok this mix is GUARANTEED to get you lovers quickly loving or your money back!!! Very sexy tunes with a positive message. Click on list above to download!!!!

The second one is the: 2. ERASE you mix

This mix is the - after the relationship mix - (especially if it was a bad breakup) the songs you need to have so you can get over your ex. I mean, just for the time right after the breakup then maybe after time you can "be friends".

1. I Like It (But I Don't Need It) -Vivian Green
2. Mr. Messed Up -Floetry
3. Why You Bullshittin'
4. Erase You -ESG
5. My Love For You -ESG
6. Deceptacon -Le Tigre

These songs will get you to realize that its ok and that it might be better to breakup anyway.

The third one, i call the: 3.Baggage Claim Mix

These songs are for the lovers out there who just cant let go and end up caring bags... ugh, the worst choice to make, really it doesn't work for anyone... its even worst when the emotional bags are carried into the next relationship...Its for those that know its all bad but dont know how to let it go and move on and may even become self destructive. Ok just to be safe, dont download this one unless your REALLY over it because it may enhance your feelings that may lead to depression. If thats the case you should defiantly get the last #4 playlist. Just sayin'.

1. Remember Me -Sweet Soul Sisters Vol.1
2. Runabout -Little Dragon
3. Maps -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Breaking It Up -Lykke Li
5. Dirty Peaches (ft. J'Davey) -88-Keys

The last one is called the: 4. im Over it mix

This mix is for those who dropped there emotional bags off at baggage claim and moved on via realizing that it is unhealthy to loathe in past relationships that did not work. This is for those who were in a really bad situation and were unable to clearly see its impediment and settled for less but have now gained the ability to really push forward.

1. I Gotta Get It -Sweet Soul Sister Vol.1
2. Get Out of my Way -Ayo
3. Ever Fallen In Love -Nouvelle Vague
4. Outta My Head -Teedra Moses
5. Butterfly Girl (ft Eric Robinson) -Dj Spinna
6. Que Sera -Wax Tailor

So yea, this is my playlists for Valentines Day and for these possible situations. hahaha. Please Download!!!
This post started of as a joke but reading it over it sounds really serious. LOL. maybe its a little bit of both...well nonetheless I really do hope this can benefit at least one of you. Music is inspirational, empowering and healing. enjoy.

editors note. on playlist #4, the 3rd song should have been in the #3 playlist maybe. Also, i tried to make the songs relevant for both men and woman, i mean i tried to make it from both perspectives because both genders can act the same, both good and bad, but it was a bit hard via that fact that more women write love songs....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Blogue Statussssss

Hey there. Guess what?.... keep guessing... keep guessing....ok! stop! i will tell you now! I started another blog! you might be wondering, why? me too actually- because i know i have no time these days and adding another blog to keep up with sounds like a bad idea. But check it. the new blog is different from this one. This other one is Great! Amazing! Inspiring! much like this one yet the new blog is going to consist of mostly pictures and quotes. Why i didnt just add all that to this one, you may be asking yourself. Well i dont know either. Really, i just wanted to play around with TUMBLR and quickly realized i like it a lot and so ended up keeping it and thus promoting via talking about it here and on my twitter....

This new blog is called Electric LadyLand, inspired by one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs

& the URL thinga ma jig is called Retro Electro also inspired by a Jay Electronica joint.

"i like that one, nice and thick" ahaha this reminds me of this one quote:
"ok, leave the thick ones for me" -NoNo during Men Fashion Week Milan

So yea expect this shit to be shockingly electric... might want to turn your lights down and keep your electronics far away while navigating on it.

Its basically a mood board for my life. Whatever it is. Mostly fashion, art, beauty and music. I use this one live & technicolor blog to yap about whatever i want basically and ive noticed my post are always pretty loooong. So i thought i'll keep this one for them adveture stories or whatever and the other one will be simple for those people who have a.d.d .and cant read long ass post (im like that sometimes unless your shit is funny, ill read it all day).

Oh yea, and since i just claimed to be a yapper i will yap to be consistent. I just realized how i dont even fux with FB that much anymore. I dont know why... actually i think its because i added people that im not even sure i like and im too i dont know what to erase them...yet.
Im suddenly a tweeter now. yea right i know, like i got soooo much too say right. No actually i do. Soooo much happens to me in one day. Its rough but i somehow manage to turn it into a comedy. Living in Italy has been quite the experience especially when coming from Los Angeles to the SF Bay area to here. Nothing is the same. Your forced to learn quickly. You learn from your mistakes very fast. Your adaptation process can cause trauma if not flipping it and making it work for you. Im broke and have to really budget. I leave people in awe with my hustlin' techniques. I speak about 3 languages at the same time, sometimes in the same sentence. i mean the list goes on & on...

Ha, anyhow, i used to not be into twitter because no one ever @me and thought it was pointless ... until after reading Twitter for Dummies.
I recently found out which thing to click to see the tweets i've have been mentioned in... yea slow, i know.... i found old messages from last year that i never even saw

anyways, i dont own a TV, dont read the paper and i live in Milan so twitter can sometimes work as my daily news. I find out about all the regular -everyone knows- news as well as underground hip hop news, mainstream music news, fashion news and local SF bay area, Los Angeles and NYC news provided my fellow tweeters.
So yea get yourself a twitter account, if you dont have one yet, then go ahead and follow me... you may soon see that i may be oversharing but i thought that was the whole point of status
updates!? haha i never thought i would take it this far with this social networking thing, but here i am....

oh yea, btw the link to my new blog is:


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