Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Dress

So as you may or may not know, i go to "fashion school" which im using as an excuse to be living in a foreign country aka Milan, Italy and to fill my passport with cool colorful stamps

so i figured i should at least try to "learn" something even though somehow some way i think its a joke (that will be a later post).
The thing is that i "learn" mostly
outside of school. funny right.

One thing i've learned is that WHAT you wear can either make you or break you or both...
funny thing is that i
didnt need my "fashion school" to tell me this shit.

I've learned that in order to gain success aka have my own tv show/fashion line and be on magazine covers
i SHOULD WEAR short skirts and skimpy outfits to school.

Because according to this CNN report, this student became a celebrity
via wearing a hawt pink dress to school and getting kicked out!

So now this girl is starting her own clothing line. oh shit. haha.

I might start wearing outfits like this to school.
I wonder if this will get me expelled, famous and an
opportunity to start my own collection? :0

oh wait... the pinkdress girl aka Geisy Arruda also got plastic surgery.
Damn. Am i going to have to do that to be successful? FML

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exhibit A,B and C

Like i told you guys earlier, there was that whole week of furniture design and yes,
it was just how everyone said it would be....
a bunch of parties and open bars.

Non stop running the streets and crashing exhibitions/parties/open bars
for like 3-4 days

To be honest, i wasnt even really interested in the whole furniture thing, i mean i do enjoy furniture such as:



are considered furniture right?)

but i wasn't really trippin...

But I did get to see a bunch of cool design though. Not only did this week give industrial/product designers a chance to exhibit but gave fashion designers a chance also. Fashion designers and companies such as Vivianne Westwood, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Replay for instance, took advantage of this week and gave presentations and parties, since this years Milan Fashion Week was cut short for Anna Wintour and fashion shows were jammed packed into a few days. People even protested (i didnt even think people protested here. haha)

We pretty much lost a couple years of life that week

But it was worth it.
It was nice, i got to play some records at a party too.

with my friend/partner in crime Tea

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Salone Del Mobile

So this week my school has canceled classes via the Salone Del Mobile exhibition taking place in Milan.
So its a whole week of furniture exhibitions.

Its my first time going so i have little to no idea of what this experience entails.
I heard
via my friend Tea that its like Men Fashion Week except there are no male models...

I heard that there are a bunch of open bars...
should i be excited or should i be scared?

I heard there are TONS of great free parties...

which is great because i get to dance...

Im looking forward to these events since
i do need a new couch/sofa.
The one i used to have got thrown out in the street with my guest and i still sitting on it...

im looking for a couch/sofa that i can really use...
not just for sitting and posing for pictures
but possibly doing other activities as well...

i like for my guest to feel comfortable when they come over...

so we can talk about uhh things we are going to do and things of that sort...

So after doing some surveys of what im looking for and what i need
these where my results....

i can choose from an old classical look...

or i can go for a more practical - get to the point- one...

or i can go for something more modern and chic....

nonetheless, they will all give same/similar results

decisions... decisions...
what do yall think?
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