Thursday, November 25, 2010


The thing i love about 60's rock n roll, especially the girl groups,
is that they always talked about love and made it seem sooo cute and sweet.
I like listening to it because they make crushing hard on a guy sound soo fun and
playful when in reality it can sometimes be complicated and frustrating.
So yea, im thankful for girl groups like The Exciters, The Ronettes, & The Chiffons.

I Love this song. Brenda Reid's voice is sooo ruff and tuff i love how it sounds.
There is something about the way they parade around in their white gloves and tutu's
that makes me want to do a choreography that consist of mostly hand gestures, smiles and winks. ;)

This song is the story of my life, right now.
This song/video makes me want to wear a wig and
wear my eyeliner looooong like Cleopatra..

and this one is for that fine boy over there....

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