Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yo Momma's Back

thats right yall, in case u didnt already know (bcus im pretending to still be living in Europe via posting on my blog like what i posted JUST happened...truth be told... i been back for 3 months) yo momma NONO is back!

So yea of course i had to make my pit stops b4 heading to the bay. so i went to NYC.... ran into my rocksteady crew homies and zulus.

Then ran into my other peeps from a round the way

And like always in NYC, watch the sunrise almost every morning

Of course HAD to have some Cuchifrito before i left

then after blowing that joint flew back to Cali Cali

Los Angeles to be exact where i rode around town...

got my nails did in the only place that gets down how i like in South Central

Partied at the W hotel rooftop with Han Cholo X Karmaloop

Finally met the guy of my dreams at the Do-Over

and lounged with my baller friends

goodtimes with Nono.

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