Friday, March 2, 2012


Omg yall (whoever follows this blog) im sorry for abandoning you.
I started this blog when i moved to Europe to document my adventures and since i been back my grammar has hit rock bottom and i've only done a few post since.
not that i dont have anymore adventures, its just that tumblr came along and ruined it for me.
so instead of writing and posting pics i just get to post pics and blah blah blah...
the point is that i decided to come back this time with a new name!


why? because i need to stick with one or two names you will associate me with.
again, this blog will just be a bunch of what i think.
and basically 'the real me'
im not a blogger tho, i just take pictures a lot.
im also not a writer im just on my computer a lot.

i hope this works out for me

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